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Stop into PostalAnnex+ in Mooresville, NC when you need something packed and shipped. Our experienced professionals have years of knowledge when it comes to packaging. We ensure that your delivery is packaged right to survive the shipping environment of drops, tumbles, and tosses. You don't even need to bring your own box. We carry cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and anything else you need.

No matter what you're shipping, we can help

"As a neighboring business, we love the PostalAnnex+. Super friendly and excellent service. Support your local businesses!"

- Ben Baker

- Loosefill (packing peanuts)

- Packaging tape

- Padded envelopes

- Decorative mailers and envelopes

- Shipping/mailing tubes


Quality packing supplies we carry include:

When we ship your package there are several factors we take into consideration. Selecting the best size for your package saves on shipping costs and properly protects your shipment. The right shipping product will prevent your contents from becoming loose or falling. It will also protect your contents against outside damage. Stop by today and let us assist you in sending out your shipment.

The right packaging for the right job

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